About 17.8 percent tourists are anticipated in the last three months of 2016 in Thailand, stated by the Tourism Council.

Tourism Minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said that 32 million travelers should visit the country. In which there will be more than 7 percent increase to the 29.88 million visitors in Thailand last year. She pointed out that the figure is more of an estimate and not a target.

According to Wattanavrangkul , Thailand's government is eyeing 2.3 trillion baht ($61.02 billion) revenue this year, from 2.21 trillion baht in 2015. She also added that about 60 to 70 percent guests are repeat travelers.

In 2015, China provided the most foreigners in Thailand, with around 8 million tourists. Second was Malaysia, with more than 3 million visitors and third was Japan with 1.4 million number of people, according to MSN.

Reportedly, the most visitors to arrive will be Chinese nationals because they can't seem to get enough of the country. Thailand is foreseeing a number of 33 million tourists this year to be gladly received.

"The last quarter is a high season for us. It's the season when tourists from China, Europe and other regions come most," Council President Ittirit Kinglek said.

"We are expecting higher numbers of arrivals than last year mainly due to Chinese travelers."

In a report by Yahoo, at least 600,000 Chinese visitors are estimated to come during next month's "Golden Week" holiday, as per the council.

In 2015, Thailand engaged 7.93 million Chinese. This year, they expect about 10 million Chinese arrivals.

Despite the bomb explosion over the past month happened in the central and far south of Thailand, it only brought a minimal impact to their Tourism.

The Bangkok bomb attack last August killed 20 people, including 14 foreigners and wounded more than 120 people.

The central bank shortened their projection for tourist arrivals by 400,000 to 33.6 million for 2016 due to the bombing incidents, suppression on zero-dollar tours or remarkably cheap package tours.

This year, Thailand anticipates a growth of 3.54 percent on their economy because of the government's tourism and encouraging measures.