A passenger taking an Air Canada flight shared that the seat he got placed him on the edge of almost getting killed. Colin Savage took a flight en route Chile to Toronto on a 10-hour air travel. Not too long after he arrived, Savage revealed he experienced stinging pains over his lower part of his back. This news was reported by CBS News.

Savage had to have himself confined in a hospital. In there, he got diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, as reported in Travel And Leisure. This illness possibly resulted from Savage having to sit for a long time during the air travel due to the occurrence of turbulence.

Savage is 6'2 tall, thus, sitting for a long time was difficult for him. Savage shared his experience during the flight with CBC, as reported in Travel and Leisure. 

"In their seats, my knees were up against the seat in front of me. I was constantly squirming around trying to get comfortable."

The crowded seating and the absence of extra space available in the plane might likely have been a factor in the vein thrombosis diagnosis. Physicians mentioned that the blood clots going up his Savage's legs and onto his legs, had almost taken his life.

Right before Savage got his diagnosis, Savage worked as a marathon runner, cyclist, and hiker. This just goes to show, though, that living healthily does not keep a person away from getting deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis is the third most frequent vascular illness, just right after stroke and heart attack.

The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control shared that anybody who sits in a crowded space for over 4 hours place themselves at risk of getting DVT. Treatments for this illness, though, are on their way of being developed.

Savage took the Air Canada flight mentioned here in January, as reported in Newser.com. Colin Savage is 64 years old, according to Travel Pulse.