Cheryl Mills stated she never expected certain private emails of Clinton's would not be retrieved under federal requirements. Mills worked as chief of staff of Hillary Clinton when the latter was working as the secretary of state.

Clinton allegedly utilized a personal email server from her house to send emails in relation to government work matters while she was U.S. secretary of state, on 2009-2013, as reported in On May 26, the inspector general from the state department has deemed the act whom Clinton committed violated laws. Clinton, though, has said time and again she did not believe she violated any laws. The inspector general has stated Mrs. Clinton would have been refused to be permitted to do what she had done if she has asked permission from authorities to commit the said action.

Cheryl Mills argued, though, that Clinton's usage of a private email server to communicate government matters did not have the intention to violate the Freedom of Information Act, as reported in The New York Times.

Mills was required to testify in lieu of the Freedom of Information Act allegedly surrounding Clinton, as reported in

According to Clinton, however, most of the emails she sent have been retrieved and stored by the U.S. state department database. The state department database automatically keeps messages sent or received through the internal e-mail system database. This is because Clinton sent emails to people in their official accounts.

Mills, however, has announced in a deposition released on May 27 that messages exchanged between Clinton and other people using private e-mail accounts, were not stored in the government agency's database.

John Podesta has released a memo for supporters on May 28 declaring Republicans would continue to distort the attention of Clinton with the email case. Although Clinton has not yet received a decision from the judge for her email reports case, her Republican presidential competitor, Donald Trump, referred to Mrs. Clinton as "crooked Hillary."