On Wednesday, the head of the Transportation Security Administration is on the verge of facing intense criticism over the long lines at airport security checkpoint. As reports surfaced that passengers would probably continue to experience longer lines compared to normal wait times - for the reason of an expected increase in summer season.

According to NY Times, the T.S.A. Administrator - Peter V. Neffenger, made an effort to improve the airport security checkpoint delays. Neffenger told members of the House Homeland Security Committee that the agency was promoting screeners from part time to full time.

Neffenger also reassigned hundreds of behavioral detection officers to give assistance on security lines and implemented the bomb-detection dog teams' shifting schedules to larger airports.

The T.S.A. Administrator's statement surfaced just days before millions of Americans are expected to populate airports over the Memorial Day weekend. As the agency recently was in the hot seat regarding the travelers' report of hours long waits to get through checkpoints.

Many airlines companies even claimed that the delays have caused passengers to miss their flights.

Representative Michael McCaul, Republican of Texas and chairman of the committee, said in a statement, "This is not a new rodeo. Why didn't we see this coming?"

Reuters reported that in a way to ease airport delays, the American Federation of Government Employees asked American lawmakers to approve emergency legislation to fund additional screeners that are technically needed.

J. David Cox Sr., the union's national president, stated, "It's time for Congress to stop the waiting games and give TSA the resources it needs to meet growing demands at our nation's airports."

USA Today reported that, Kelly Hoggan, the Transportation Security Administration's assistant administrator, was terminated from his position over the long lines at airport security checkpoints. But, Neffenger stated that he still got his hopes up to find another place for Hoggan within the Transportation Security Administration.