Travelling can be overwhelming to many, especially when they are going at it alone. Travelling, though, may be eased in the company of wonderful movies that make one laugh. Travellers need to conduct a good search to be able to find the movies that would make them laugh, just before they travel and while they are travelling. Travellers may utilize search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to stumble upon the movies that would brighten up their days in no time.

1. Borat

"Borat" is a comedy movie whose lead star is played by Sasha Baron Cohen, as reported in Cohen plays the role of a reporter from Kazakhstan who travels to the United States so he could get some insights as to how the American people could be of help to the Kazakh culture. Cohen plays the role of a wild character who tries out all sorts of out of this world antics to complete his mission in the United States. The thing that would make the audiences laugh hard is that only Cohen's character and his trusty sidekick associations believed in what he was doing.

2. Airplane

This film is kind of old, time speaking, but sure would never fail to make people laugh when they watch it. Viewers get to laugh at the events that take place inside the plane as they watch this movie.

3. The Hangover

This film features some guys on a wild trip to Las Vegas only for them to lose some money the next morning they wake up, as reported in The hectic search after discovering the lost bucks would make the audiences laugh out loud even more.

4. Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Two metal head slacker guys go at it in travelling through time by collecting figures of historical persons (i.e., Billy the Kid, Socrates and Abraham Lincoln) in time for their high school history presentation. The adventure of these guys looked hilarious, funnily ridiculous at the same time.

5. Bruno

In this movie, Sacha Baron Cohen plays the role of  a gay Australian fashion reporter who takes a trip to the United States after he loses his job. The adventures Cohen's character goes through were ridiculous, but adorably exciting and funny at the same time.