Travelling can be fun, but when travellers are faced with budget problems finding affordable places to stay can be hard. For summer and weekend travelling though, business hotel rooms are mostly the more reasonable lodging options to stay in.

According to Go Banking Rates, business hotels mostly do not have the luxurious amenities that classy hotels do, as reported via Life Hacker. However, as the latter site reported, business hotels' affordability makes it all worth it to stay in as compared to luxurious hotels. In the end, travellers would appreciate the simple lodging lifestyle in business hotels as long as get to save more money, as compared to if they would check in at luxurious hotels.

Jeanette Pavini, a savings expert, explained further why cheaper business hotels are way better than luxurious hotels, saying:

"During the summer months and on weekends, [business] hotels are typically slower.  You're more likely to get a good deal at these hotels if you book a room during those off-peak times."

Travellers should take note, though, that search engines for hotel bookings would enable travellers to select bookings for business purposes. Travellers, though, may have different purposes for travelling, not just for business nor for leisure purposes. However, they should not give up altogether in finding hotels that suit their preferences and purposes of travel, regardless of their reasons for travelling.

There are ways, though, so travellers can avail of reservations for cheap hotel rooms even when these rooms seem to be not available anymore online. These ways are the following, as reported in

1. Purchase another person's cancelled reservation.

Travellers can buy other travellers' purchased hotel room reservations that were cancelled at discounted rates. Travellers would just need to be meticulous in searching for the sites that offer these deals online.

2. Look for sites that offer coupon codes.

Sites that offer coupon codes are around online if travellers just use the compatible keywords to look them up online. Once these coupons are found, travellers may avail of 10 to 50 % discounts off the selected hotel rooms they avail of.