Kayak co-founder, Paul English, the upcoming project relies on the relationship that connects the warriors and the executive assistants that reserve the travel plans for these people. Lola is an app that launched in Apple App Store playing the role of invite-only travel booking service. Lola throws in the mix of artificial intelligence and personalized service within a mobile environment, as reported in Skift. English brings in Kayak's technology prioritized relief of booking trips via mobile.

English shared to Skift that mobile messaging has been trending in travel space in recent days. Furthermore, English shared to Skift that artificial intelligence can be of aid in superpower travel agents. Additionally, English is focused on the voice recognition power of Amazon Alexa.

English narrated that users paved the way for themselves to use Lola because a lot of the users don't like making phone calls. English said as well users prefer using Lola for instant messaging, rather than use their own smartphone to instant message.

Messaging is larger all over the world than phone calls. This means that instant messaging may reach out to more people in more countries all over the world than international calls. For online travel booking, thus, instant messaging benefit more clients and agents. More customers are able to reserve their desired travel plans, hence, if they do instant messaging instead of making international calls to book with agents.

Paul English confessed his purpose for inventing Kayak and making it beneficial to customers and agents, as reported in Boston Globe"I want to make humans cool again."

English plans to develop his career into something more progressive in the near future. Because of this, he is on his way of brainstorming more projects that center on hands on human interaction in its entirety.