Taking trips in retirement don't have to overpower the budget. As individuals who just retired from their work spends excessively when it comes to leisure travel - they even spent an average of $3,700 per year.

CNBC claimed that a report from Merrill Lynch of Bank of America stated that members of the silent generation spent $3,400 annually.

Lorna Sabia, Bank of America's head of retirement and personal wealth solutions, stated that retirees spent that much for the reason of adventure travel, educational tours and memory-making with their grandchildren.

Patrick Surry, chief data scientist for Hopper.com, stated that "Date flexibility is key as well," which means retirees can take advantage of more deals.

However, this list of destinations topped retirees' must-visit lists.

  1. Hawaii - with the average round-trip airfare, year over year decreased by 4.8 percent. For $643 only to Honolulu and $564 to Kahului.

  2. Italy - average round-trip airfare year over year fall off by 0.8 percent. Just $993 individuals can go to Rome, $775 to Milan or even $992 to Venice.

  3. New York - the average round-trip airfare price is $228 through LaGuardia Airport and $282 through the Kennedy International airport.

  4. Australia - the average round-trip airfare went down by 17.1 percent. The price now is $1,148 to Sydney and $1,192 to Melbourne.

  5. California - average round-trip airfare lessen by 8.9 percent. For only $257 to Los Angeles and $291 to San Francisco or San Diego.

  6. England - the average round-trip airfare dropped by 7.6 percent. $1,002 through London's Heathrow Airport and $837 via Gatwick Airport.

  7. Alaska - the average round-trip airfare went up slightly by 8.3 percent. $490 to Anchorage and $530 to Fairbanks.

  8. Ireland - dropped down 10.7 percent in their average round-trip airfare. $747 to Dublin and $853 to Cork.

  9. France - the round-trip airfare reduced by 5.1 percent. $955 via Charles de Gaulle Airport and $885 via Paris Orly Airport.

However, as stated by Pop Sugar, the huge factor in making a trip successful is to reach out to anyone who knew and can recommend the food, transportation, and activities of the chosen destination spot.