Colorado is known as a state that caters to visitors who like to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. While many people visit the Centennial State for the mountains to ski, mountain bike and camping, Colorado is also known for its year-long hot springs.

These hot springs vary in size and shape, and can be natural or human-made. However, it should be noted that some of the natural hot springs can be out of the way for a less experienced traveler.

One of these natural springs is the Conundrum Hot Springs, which can only be reached by an 8.5-mile long trail just outside of Aspen, according to the official Colorado Tourist website. While the hike may be a bit much for some would-be guests, the soak in the natural pools after makes the difference.

Prices for Conundrum Springs range from a mere $10 for adults to $7 for children below seven and senior citizens

For those who are looking for a better view without the hike, then Strawberry Park Hot Springs / Steamboat Springs might just be the right place. The pools in this location reach up to temperatures of 104 and the park itself is surrounded by forested areas, perfect for camping as well as picnics, according to Denver Post. Those who wish to bring their children to the area should be warned, however since in some pools clothing is optional after sunset.

The admission price for adults here is going to cost $10 and it is a one-time charge. For those who wish to stay overnight one of the best deals is for the railroad caboose which costs around $110. But if guests are looking for a more sustainable, family oriented resort to visit, then Ouray Hot Springs pool is the place. The resort offers a large selection of not only hot springs, but also water slides and diving boards for the kids to enjoy also, Westword reports.

Prices for the resort will vary depending on the time of year and the number of people in the party.