The French Government released a number of guides for football fans on how to travel to France and enjoy the Euro 2016 championship.

We have just entered into the New Year and one of the many exciting sports events is the Euro 2016 in France -- and it is fast approaching. Football fans from all around the world will certainly visit in order to see the games. After the attack on crowded people in Paris last November, French authorities will certainly increase their security protocols in order to keep the event safe for everyone, which is why the government sent out 11 tips on how to make Euro 2016 experience a memorable and safe one. The much awaited event will be held in the summer of this year.

1. Make sure to check the latest travel information and tips regarding various regions, laws and customs.

2. Ensure that you have booked your accommodation prior to your arrival.

3. Buy tickets only from reliable sources since it is illegal to purchase from the ones who sell outside the stadiums.

4. Do remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card or EHIC and understand what it can do for you. Also, check its expiration date.

5. Get a travel insurance that covers everything you need during the trip.

6. Research and take note of the road policies in France, especially the ones different from your country.

7. Always keep your passport with you or at least make two copies and keep the other one in a secure place.

8. Be responsible during the games. Anyone who is drunk or misbehaving will be removed from the premises.

9. Come early because there's a high chance that the queue is long for transport, stadiums and FanZones.

10. In cases of emergencies, just dial 112. For cases that involve your travel documents such as losing your passport, dial +33 (0)1-44-51-3100.

11. Keep yourself updated!