The Christmas cheer is just around the corner but did you know that this joyous holiday is celebrated differently across countries in Europe? Certain countries perform rituals that are quite unique, and sometimes unusual, every year during this time of the year. The winter holidays has also been the season of love, especially for family to reunite and meet. But for some, this can be a romantic occasion. Here are five of the many romantic Christmas traditions being practiced in European countries.

In Austria, a twig from a cherry tree is placed in a container of water on St. Barbara's Day (December 4). Wedding, and other manner of good fortune, is sure to follow if it blooms before Christmas.

In Belarus, single women are made to put a pile of corn somewhere near their feet. A hungry rooster is then let loose the owner of the pile gets chosen is the next lucky bachelorette to marry.

In Finland, people would predict the future according to shapes formed from pouring molten tin into cold water. If it forms a heart or a ring, then the person would have success in relationships and marriage in the near future -- perfect for singles who are looking for romance.

In Sweden, a certain rice pudding is served with an almond hidden inside it. If an unmarried individual discovers such nutlike seed in his or her bowl, he or she shall marry within the year. Those who are happy being single would carefully choose their pudding bowls to ensure that it has not been tampered with.

In the UK, a couple who kissed beneath the mistletoe will experience love that will last forever. The mistletoe is a symbol of fertility for the Druids, religious and magical leaders hailing from Ireland, Gaul, and Britain. This practice was further well known worldwide because of the Jackson 5 song 'I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus' where a kid sings about seeing his mother kiss Santa, who apparently is his own father dressing up as the legendary figure, in a romantic manner.