Chicken in any form is great for anybody's health. Its lean meat is not only high in protein but is also low in calories and fat, perfect for those who are weight conscious. In addition to that, it's also packed with nutrients and vitamins.

Now if you're in Osaka, it would be difficult to pick with the many restaurants the place can offer. But if you're looking for some chicken meal, Ikkaku is the best place to go! It is located in Shinsaibashi, one of the many shopping streets in Osaka, Japan.

Ikkaku is located in the 3rd floor of the Shinsaibashi building were people were lined up to eat and made to wait for about 45 minutes. The busy line of people proves that the place really offers good food and must have been worth the wait.

This restaurant offers in chicken meals in 2 variations - mother chicken and baby chicken. Whatever the variation you picked, both chicken were served the same way in either bone-in, thigh or drumstick. Both chicken were also prepared the same manner due to fact that the meat not only resembled pork belly meat but they also happen to be salty, crispy and rich in flavor.

The difference between them is that the mother chicken appear darker in terms of colour. It looked harder to chew and ever more so once you actually start chewing it. The young chicken appear to have a lighter colour and but it was teeming with juices compared to the mother meat. The younger meat was tender to the look but even more so once you taste it. In addition to that, the young chicken is juicier than one would expect. It's also recommended to eat the chicken whole, as opposed to slicing it per bite-sized pieces, so that the juice and flavor will not escape the meat.