Costa Rica is famed for its preservation of the native environment, which enables the country to thrive off of ecotourism.  Interestingly, Costa Rica is one of the countries to meet all five requirements to reach environmental sustainability set out by the United Nations.  Because of the dedication to the environment, Costa Rica offers unparalleled opportunity to explore the beauty of the rain forests of Central America.  

On the Osa Peninsula is the Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula.  This park is considered to be the most secluded parks in Costa Rica as there are no roads leading to it.  It must be accessed by foot or by horse.

Inside the park holds a distinguishing number of plant and animal species.  There are over 700 animal species alone!! Try spotting all of them on the trails. There are forests to hike through, river basins to tread through, beaches to stroll on, and cliffs to climbs.  For those who wish to spend more than a day here, there are cabins to stay in as well as camp grounds. 

North of the capital of San Jose is an area called Monteverde.  It offers a unique experience for the Eco tourist.  The University of Georgia has an international campus, with all the modern facilities, here in the middle of the rainforest to focus on the culture, life, and ecosystem of Costa Rica.  Luckily, for the nonstudent the university opened their campus and resources to tourists!  Now you can stay in the middle of the rain forest to learn and to observe the life here, too.

The university offers activities such as guided natural history hikes, bird watching, night hikes, Botanical and Medicinal Plant tour, and Latin Dance lessons as well as lectures and discussions on Costa Rican history, ecotourism, and the research done there.   These activities are included in the daily rate you pay for the hotel, so make sure you go to one of them.  Other activities offered are zip lining, horseback riding, touring a coffee farm, cooking with a local family, and much more.

The activities here offer a multitude of ways to engage in the local community and culture as well as learn about the conservation movement that has become such an important part of Costa Rica.  Not to mention the rainforest offers diverse beauty that you will want to capture!