Justin Bieber New Private Jet - Justin Bieber appears to have bought himself an extremely expensive gift for Christmas - a private jet. He bought the sleek airliner because well, he's Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber's new private jet was documented on Instagram. The 20-year-old pop star posted a selfie inside his new toy and captioned the photo, "New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful."

And indeed it is.

 New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Dec 12, 2014 at 6:44pm PST

Also included in one of the photos of Justin Bieber's new private jet are golden throws and matching pillows.

Merry Christmas she's a beauty Une photo publiée par Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) le Déc. 12, 2014 at 6:47 PST

According to People, Justin Bieber's new private jet has "luxe cream leather seats and a shiny dark-paneled interior."

A G6 reportedly goes for around $60M, give or take a few million. As for Justin Bieber's new private jet, which has at least 8 white leather seats, a large couch and a lounge, it may be worth more than that.

Many celebrities reportedly purchase jets as a part ownership, like a time share, according to TMZ. However, theoretically, the Biebs could afford such a high-brow purchase. The Canadian pop export returned to his hometown for the holidays this week.

He reportedly spent some time with family and friends, posting several photos of him doing traditional Canadian pastimes such as preparing for some hockey and red plastic cup drinking games, according to the Huffington Post.

"Small town boy at heart no harm in a little #beerpong," he wrote in one Instagram post.

The hometown posts may not be shocking, but Justin Bieber's new private jet photo sure had many eyes popping, especially as the pop star has been mired in several controversies this past year.

Among these include leaving his pet monkey to die, egging his neighbor's house, getting into a fight at Dave & Busters, making a plea deal to avoid a DUI charge, getting into another fight, this time with Orlando Bloom, allegedly cutting lines at Disneyland in an unnecessary wheelchair, being racist, being "sorry" he got caught being racist, licking a stripper's nipple, having his other jet detained for pot smell, getting charged with assault, and last but not the least, getting arrested for drag racing.

Many even took to Twitter to express their dismay at Santa that they only got socks while Justin Bieber has a new private jet, notes Gawker.

Justin Bieber’s net worth is an estimated $200,000,000, so really, Justin Bieber’s new private jet isn’t really a surprising buy from the young star.