Tracy Morgan is still struggling to go back in his normal shape after his New Jersey turnpike accident in June.

The stand-up comedian almost lost his life when a Wal-Mart truck slams into the limo van where he is riding along with his friends. It can be recalled that he spends several days in the hospital for being in a critical condition after sustaining multiple injuries. The star reportedly suffers from a broken nose, femur and ribs with several injuries in his brain.

Although the "30 Rock" star was already released from the hospital, recent reports say that he is having a hard time recovering from his current condition. Tracy Morgan is currently under rehabilitation and is said to be making slow progress. There are even rumors suggesting that he already passed away after struggling with his injuries; however, he also dismissed the issue when he was recently spotted in his home alive and was using a wheelchair.

Contrary to what other people think that the actor-comedian has already regained his physical strength, his lawyer, Benedict Morelli previously revealed that there may be a little chance that his client will be able to fully restore his physical health. Although the 45 year-old comedian is already able to take a few steps, there are news saying that his doctors still can't say if he will be again capable of performing.

"He's a fighter, but we don't know if he's going to be the old Tracy again," Morelli said about Morgan.

The actor and his friends who were also involved in the tragic crash are still also in the fight against the Wal-Mart company over negligence issue. As both parties still don't reach any settlements, Tracy Morgan has recently expressed his dismay when Wal-Mart blamed them for their own accidents. In response to the company's statements, the actor said that he did nothing wrong.