Looking back on the 20th century every decade had a specific style, large political events, and cultural movements. The 20's were remembered as the party flapper era. The 30's were bleak as the great depression hit and almost everyone lost their jobs. The 50's were the bounce back from the depression and set the tone for the 'American Dream' of having two children, a stay at home wife, and a maid while the husband went and worked all week long in the city.

The 60's were known for Woodstock, racial equal rights movement as well as women rights movement, the 'hippie' style, and drugs like marijuana and LSD becoming popular. Our decade, the 2010's, is an echo to the 1960's. Our decade is becoming into this era of great social movement, with the gay rights movement. The legalization of gay marriage in more states such as Washington and New York has been a huge history marker for countries history books.

Woodstock was the ultimate concert for the 1960's, it featured famous artists like The Beatles and The Beegees. Our generation has Coachella, a crazy three day concert featuring some of the biggest artists that play primarily Indie and Alternative music. Artists that play at Coachella are famous artists like Lana Del Rey and Foster the People.

Hippies will forever be associated with the 1960's and their very unique styles of bell bottom pants and flowy clothes. Our generations 'Hippies' are 'Hipsters.' The hipster movement is one of style as well, where combat boots and high wasted pants are making a comeback.

Marijuana was the drug of choice in the 1960's, everyone did it. And now in this generation, marijuana has become legalized in many states for medicinal use, and even legalized for recreational use in the states of Washington and Colorado. LSD was the party drug in the 1960's, becoming famous by The Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The LSD of today would be Molly, a pure form of the drug ecstasy that is usually taken at events such as Raves.

Our generation has many similarities to the 1960's, but with a more modern twist. We can only wait and see however how the second half of the decade pans out.