Traveling is most popular during major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then the summer season comes a close second. Whether you're making a trip for a long weekend to an extended concert, packing up in the RV with your family to go camping, or going to live in Spain to study abroad for the summer, these little traveling essentials will help you feel stylish as well as prepared.

1.)    A great pair of sunglasses is a must. Chances are wherever you are traveling it is probably going to be sunny. A pair of sunglasses is definitely something you should splurge on since you will most likely going to wear them every day. Make sure when you buy a pair that it fits the kind of trip you are taking. If you are going to be boating and hiking and being outdoorsy then a great pair of sporty Oakley's will be perfect for you. If you are traveling to somewhere tropical and or luxurious to just lay on the beach, a more casual pair such as Raybans or Fendi would be more suited for you.

2.)    A nice pair of sandals. Even for all the guys out there, a good pair of sandals is a must in the warm weather. The key to buying sandals though is making sure they have enough comfort. Birkenstocks for women are great this season because they have such good support for the arches of your feet, and the thick straps are totally in style. And for men, a nice pair of reef flip flops is great for lounging around the pool.

3.)    A good mid-size luggage. Whether you're a person who prefers rolling luggage or an over the shoulder tote, making sure you have a sturdy recognizable traveling bag is necessary. A good tip for buying luggage would be to not buy the color black, everyone has black. A nice red or purple would suffice perfectly. Also try hitting up stores like TJ Maxx or Ross where they have excellent marked down prices.

4.)    Moisturizer/make up that doubles as sun screen. Most facial make up products have built in sun screen so you don't burn your face during the day without putting on the shiny sticky sun screen that takes off more of your make up. Make sure that the label somewhere says SPF somewhere on it and you won't have to walk around with the shiny sun screen face.

5.)    A brand new water bottle/tumbler. Being healthy is all the rage right now, whether you're drinking herbal teas or a green smoothie. Buying a cute stylish new liquid container will make you want to try out all the different iced teas that are available for you to buy. The perfect accessory for the busy traveler.