King Bach is dead. At least that's what the Internet is saying. However the comedic Vine star didn't die. He's just the victim of an Internet death hoax. King Bach is just fine.

Rumors started swirling around social media sites like Facebook and Twitter saying that King Bach, whose real name is Andrew Bachelor, died. A photo was being shared on Twitter that appears to be a CNN television broadcast that said "Vine Star 'King Bach' Shot Dead" along with a photo of Bach and what appears to be a crime scene. The photo was originally tweeted by the Twitter account @CNNOFFICIAL which said BREAKING NEWS: Vine Sensation Andrew Bachelor "King Bach" shot and killed. Full story: ."

The link leads to a story of Vine star Bryan Silva being shot dead. That story was false, just like the rumor of King Bach being killed. The "CNNOFFICIAL" account is far from official. It is a fake account that has other false stories like Miley Cyrus committing suicide and the false Bryan Silva story. The real CNN account are
@CNN and @CNNbrk for breaking news.

King Bach got hold of the rumor himself and took to Twitter to prove it was false. He took a screenshot of the fake CNN tweet and said "Ummmmm no." He has since tweeted several times after that.

King Bach isn't dead but the fake CNN tweet was shared more than 1,300 times, so many got word of the rumor. Some fans took to Twitter to mourn and question the loss of the Vine star. Some examples of those tweets include:

"Kingbach really dead or nah ?"

"@KingBach i heard you was DEAD follow me so i know your alive man"

"king Bach died vines dead now"

"King Bach shot dead? That man had the most fire Vines around :("

"Did you guys know vine star "King Bach" died!? That young man was very very talented. RIP young brother"

King Bach is just fine and is still making Vines to keep the world entertained.