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Emirates First Class

Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines Make It Hard For Passengers To Get First Class Upgrades

With the innovations for their airlines, Emirate, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines sacrifice the chance of their passengers to get a first class upgrade.


Qatar Airways

World's Biggest Airlines Are Racing For This Much-Coveted Flying Title

The world's biggest airlines prove that the record for the world's longest flight is a much-coveted title.


Qantas Airlines

Qantas Passenger Faces Jail Time After Trying To Open Plane Door Mid-Flight At 39,000 Feet

A man tried to open the emergency exit door of a Qantas plane while in flight.


Qantas to fly non-stop from Australia's Perth to London

Longest Non-Stop Flight Of The World: Passengers To Travel 17 Hours Non-Stop From London To Perth Australia in 2018

A flight from London to Perth taking 17.5 hours looks set to become the longest non-stop passenger route in the world.


Qantas Flights Return To Skies

The Best Airlines For 2017 Revealed

With the hundreds of airlines sharing the skies, find out which among them stands out from the rest when it comes to providing the best for their passengers.


Unattended Bag Prompts Evacuation Of O'Hare Terminal

Travel Tips: Seven Sneaky Ways Airlines Rip You Off

Since holiday season is now fast approaching, holidaymakers will also surely be on the hype of traveling via air. If you have plans to fly, you'll need to be vigilant for extra airport terminal charges. Here's a look at some of the more notorious airline fees you'll need to watch.


First Nonstop Regular Cargo Line Linking West China And Europe Opened

Chinese Airlines Woos Western Business Travelers With Latest Premium Offerings

China’s airlines are updating their services to make the tourism successful by the luminous new jets to new destinations that aim to target the passengers market that are currently dominated by Western business travelers. Reports says that during the recently held Airshow China, the country’s largest air expo, their flag carrier Air China showed off virtual reality goggles in the aim to impress their long-haul business class clients.


Air India Terrorist Scare

Ultra-Long Haul Flying Takes Off – The World’s Newest Longest Flight

Ultra-long-haul flights are extremely expensive to operate, and depend on relatively cheap oil for profitability. But just last week, Air India claimed it had launched the world's longest flight — though this was purely thanks to its choice of routing.


Reports Suggest Qantas Will Cut Jobs And Sell Melbourne Terminal

Qantas Pilot’s Proposal To Grilfriend During Flight Gains Online Following With #Proposalgoals

In what better way can a pilot propose to his significant other than on an plane? An Australian Qantas pilot proposes to his South American girlfriend who pops out the question in Spanish via intercom.


Qantas Flights Return To Skies

Qantas And Airbnb Shares Bed, Shakes Up Hotel Industry

The recent partnership between Qantas Airline and Airbnb is raising concerns from traditional hotels.


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