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Conquest Of Mount Everest

Free WiFi On Mount Everest Soon To Roll Out

You can now let the whole world know that you hiked Mount Everest when you've uploaded that photo of yours on Instagram upon stepping on the mountain's base camp because of its free internet connection. That's right. There'll be free WiFi on Mount Everest soon to roll out as planned by the Nepalese government.


Making a joint for God Shiva in Nepal - vpro Metropolis

Five Things You Need To Know About The Shivaratri Festival In Nepal

Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated yearly both in India and in Nepal. It is commonly held in the end of winter which falls on every second or third month of the year.


Nepal’s Top 5 Boutique Hotels: Best Romantic Hotels To Stay In The Himalayas

In spite of the earthquake in 2015, Nepal has risen back with top 5 romantic boutique hotels in the Himalayas.


Nepalese Momo

Best Nepal Eats: Important Food Items You Must Not Miss

Nepal has a lot of ethnic groups- each with its own local dish favorites. Because of the variety, it is difficult to choose which stands out. Here are some of the most popular and the best tasting Nepali foods.



Nepal Tourism Launches Promotional Campaign Targeting Russia, Switzerland And Spain

Laying the "Visit Nepal - Europe 2017" tourism program as groundwork for its 2018 global tourism program to promote Nepal's tourism, the country's travel economy is growing steadily after the devastating 2015 earthquake. The new European program could boost Nepali tourism by 30-40%.


Inside The Bhutanese Refugee Camps Of Nepal

Must Try Asian Food: This New Nepali Cuisine Might Just Satisfy Your Cravings

As diverse as its nature and culture, Nepal is rich in its foods too. A multi-ethnic Nepal and every ethnic group with its own kind of food culture there are so many foods that you have to try out when in Nepal.



Visiting Nepal in 2017

Considered as the 5th in Lonely Planet’s “Best to Travel in 2017” list, Nepal has totally changed the hyped “vacation” and given it a whole new diverse Himalayan experience instead.


LAX Found Worst in Runway Near-Crashes

Top Five Of The World’s Scariest Airport Runways That Will Make You Wish For A Safe Landing!

You may think twice into travelling to these places in terms of flying. From short runways to high winds to mountainous terrain, these airports were deemed to be the scariest to fly in or out of.


Armenia Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places To Visit

Top Five Countries You Should Have In Your Travel List

The world is filled with so many fascinating sights and travel destinations so why go to the same places, right? Here are five countries you should defintely add to your travel bucket list.


Tenerife Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Miss The Sun? Five Most Favorable Places To Get Sun-Kissed This November

Around the globe, the weather condition differs. If you are in United Kingdom, this month varies from seven to ten degree celsius; but if you are in Mexico, the sun is just up and awake at 26-30 degree celsius. If you’re looking for the Great Winter Sun Holiday, here are some of the must-see places to stay. Make your friend jealous of that tan lines.


Tourists in Nepal

Experience Nepal

Recently devastated by an earthquake that killed thousands of people, Nepal is now clear for tourists to visit. What better way to help a country than through its tourism. Here are things to do when in Nepal.



Pack it in Pack it out: Nepal Enforces Leave no Trace on Everest

The Nepal government cracks down on Mount Everest litter problem



Plane Crash in Nepal Kills All 18 Aboard

A small plane flying between Okhara to Jumia in western Nepal crashed killing all passengers aboard


5 Cheap but Beautiful Destinations around the World

5 Cheap but Beautiful Destinations around the World

It is a common notion that travelling can be a very expensive hobby. However, there are a lot of places in this world that you can travel to without burning a hole in your pocket.


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