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American Museum of Natural History hosts sleepover for grown-ups

21c Museum Hotel In Nashville Lets Guests Spend A Night With Works of Famous Artists

This is not so common, but it exists. A hotel not allowed its guests to stay and spend a night with the works done by famous artists.


PT-305: The Ride of a Lifetime!

National WWII Museum Offers Fastest Torpedo Rides From WWII Boat

The National WWII Museum will now offer fast torpedo rides to the public from a WWII boat in Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans on April 1. The Patrol Torpedo boat, PT-305, the world's only fully restored combat-veteran vessel, will bring interested locals and travelers into a 90-minute ride on the waters and another 45-minute deck tour about the history of the patrol boats.


Army Museum

National Museum Of US Army Begins Construction

The National Museum of the United States Army will begin construction this month in Fort Belvoir, Va. to honor US soldiers and educate the public the history and notable works of the army in the country. Costing about $200 million, the museum will commemorate the works of over 30 million individuals who have dedicated themselves to service since 1775.


Martin Luther King Anniversary

National Civil Rights Museum To Celebrate Yearlong Commemoration Of MLK

The National Civil Rights Museum will celebrate a yearlong commemoration of the 50th death anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 2017, to April 4, 2018. The event called, "MLK50: Where Do We Go from Here," will hold activities that focus on rights and non-violent protests on peace, poverty, justice, decent housing and quality education among many others.


Old Perfume Bottle

A Perfume Museum Has Opened Inside This 17th Century Renaissance Palace In Spain

A 17th Century Renaissance Palace in Spain kept a laboratory that creates perfumes, essential oils, ceramics, medicinal plants, spices, teas, infusions and gourmet products among many others. The Patio De Los Perfumes provides visitors a chance to know the history of the perfumery and the rare ingredients used by most perfumers.


Introduction to SMARTIFY

New App Provides Access To Art Commentary To Museums

A mobile app has been deployed to the masses as a means to access more information about artworks in different museums around the world. Smartify provides art commentaries on your phone as it gets you to you to scan, identify and save art while also offering as a guide in any partner museum or gallery.


Candy Making Master Class Hosted By Jacques Torres

Now Open: Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres

Chocolate lovers must have been so happy when master chocolatier Jacques Torres opened his 'Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience' for people who love to eat the treat and to those who want to satisfy their curious minds about the history and craft of chocolate making.


International Women’s Day

Free Musuem Entry In Italy For All Women During International Women's Month

In celebration of International Women's Day, all women in spite of her nationality will get to enjoy free entrance to Italy's museums and cultural destinations. There are over 100 museums around the country that will hold talks and showcase women's art throughout history.


Dublin Tenement Experience

Dublin's New Museum Features Poverty In The Country

The Dublin Tenement Museum plans to showcase the depressing side of poverty particularly in the worst slums in the UK and will be open to the public in mid-2017.


London: Victoria & Albert Museum

V&A Tackles Prejudice With Opera Art Exhibition

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London will explore more about the prejudice of the opera industry as they partnered with the Royal Opera House to stage an exhibition about the art form from the late-Renaissance Italy up to present day. The initiative is considered to be the first exhibition to explore opera on a grand scale.


Miners By Sasha

Kentucky Museum's Coal Mine Tours Slowly Becoming Popular

A museum catering to the history of the early coal mining industry has gained a lot of attention nowadays with a number of visitors growing from 8,000 to 11,000 in a year. With four floors of exhibition areas, the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum displays artifacts worth a century-year-old and mock mine show about the industry in Kentucky.


Art exhibits get political following Trump's travel ban

MoMA Honors Artists From Banned Countries In NYC

Artists are making a stand against Donald Trump's immigration ban with New York's Museum of Modern Art replacing paintings by Picasso and Matisse to honor painters hailing from the seven Muslim-majority countries listed by the law. The uneasiness of the law before implemented on Jan. 27, had left the curators to hang the paintings the night before.


George Lucas Chose Los Angeles For $1 Billion Museum Of Narrative Art

'Star Wars' Creator George Lucas Set To Build $1 Billion Museum Of Narrative Art

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas will make his dreams come true by building the Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles. The 275,000-square-foot museum will house personal collection, including movie memorabilia.


Tourism In Popular Egyptian Holiday Destination Sharm El Sheik

The First Ever Underwater Museum In Europe Is Officially Open

Surely, museum lovers and scuba divers will go crazy over this newly opened underwater museum.


Five Amazing Museums In Malaga, Spain

Five Amazing Museums In Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain is one of the most historical places where you can find hundreds of museums. Malaga aimed to make their place a hub of art and you can find its evidence straight from paintings being exhibited in each museum.


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