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Dolphins Saving Swimmer From Shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand [VIDEO]: Watch How Dolphins Formed A Circle To Protect Long Distance Swimmer Adam Walker

Travelers Today       By    Althea Serad

Updated: Apr 28, 2014 11:04 AM EDT

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Adam Walker swimming with the dolphins
(Photo : Facebook)
Adam Walker swimming with the dolphins

Dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand video has been trending on the internet lately. This is because the short clip of the dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand on April 22 shows how dolphins protect humans from harm, even if these humans are totally unknown to them.

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The video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand is of long distance swimmer Adam Walker while he is on a 16-mile swim through New Zealand's waters for Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity. The shark may not be obvious or visible in the video, but Adam Walker says he noticed a great white shark beneath him while he was swimming, Yahoo! News reports. What followed then are the dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand as the lovable creatures also saw the shark and formed a circle around Walker until the shark swam away.

Adam Walker, the guy in the video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand is a long distance British swimmer. Apparently, the video didn't do justice to how the dolphins saved his life as he and the pod of 10 dolphins are the only ones who saw the shark. The video of the dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand is just a short clip from an amazingly one-hour swim with the pod of dolphins. The dolphins reportedly stayed with Walker for more than an hour, playfully getting close enough for the British man to touch as he swam.

Adam Walker, the guy in the video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand is a swim coach, and the video showed him swimming the hardest 7 oceans in the world the Oceans Seven in aid of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity.

Walker is adamant to be the first British person to complete the Oceans Seven since only four people in the world have completed it so far. Because of this goal, not only was he able to swim in one of the hardest oceans, but he got the chance to swim with the dolphins, the dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand.

Adam Walker, the guy in the video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand has already swam in the English Channel, Gibraltar Straits, Catalina Channel, Molokai Strait, Tsugaru Strait. Now, he also has under his belt Cook Strait, where the video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark took in Cook Strait, New Zealand took place. Walker's final swim of the Oceans Seven will occur on August in the North Channel which separates Northern Ireland from Scotland.

Walker even posted images of the life-saving dolphins in the video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand on his Facebook a day after the swim. He captioned, "I'd like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home!!!" he wrote of his brief time with the dolphins.

Walker, the British swimmer who was featured in the video of dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand crossed Cook Strait in 8 hours and 36 minutes.

He said back on land: "I'd like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home. This swim will stay with me forever." He added, "It would be nice to think the dolphins stayed with me and were thinking 'We'll just help our pal get through.'"

Dolphins saving swimmer from shark in Cook Strait, New Zealand have been a wonderful experience for Adam Walker. Dolphins have been known to attack sharks, especially while protecting their young. This isn't the first time though that a group of dolphins have saved huma lives. In 2004, 4 swimmers were also protected by a pod of dolphins as a great white shark circled them. British lifeguard Rob Howes detailed the story of how he and his daughter Niccy and two pals went for a swim at a New Zealand beach when they saw the shark. Fortunately, dolphins chased it off and even stood guard and acted as his lifeguard instead for a further 40 minutes.


Watch how the dolphins saved long distance swimmer Adam Walker from shark in the video below.


To know more about the charity and Adam Walker's cause, see their website here.

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