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Here Are Reasons Why Booking With A Bot Is Better

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: May 06, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

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Booking with a bot gives numerous advantages than booking with a human customer representative. Through the bot, a traveler can avoid the many details that take time when booking with a travel agent like the travel itineraries, planning meals, and hotel deals.

Bots or a web robot is a software application that performs automated tasks also called scripts over the Internet. They perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive much faster than humans.

With the proliferation of chatbots especially the one found in Facebook Messenger, booking is much easier and simpler according to Gear Patrol. Here are four reasons why a bot is better when it comes to booking for travel.

Snap Travel. the company has a booking bot assisted by a human live customer service representatives in case they need help. The bot takes care of scrolling and finding the best hotel deals and cheapest packages from various travel sites and agents. Humans will assist the traveler once the destination has been reached to see to it that the guest has been properly billeted.

Kayak. Kayak helps to book in flights, car rentals, hotels, and other select experiences all at once. It can give price-based recommendations and other information about a certain travel destination. It can also give updates on flight delays and other changes.

Hipmunk. Hipmunk's Messenger runs down the more comfortable and hassle-free flights.Hipmunk can help the prospective traveler to look for destinations by specifying the date.

TripAdvisor. tripAdvisor can scroll through reviews and ratings of various restaurants, shops, and even activities. Its bot acts as an expert on these things. It is however not deciding based on choices provided but it filters information on price, specific locations or area of interest.

Even with limited bots mentioned above, one can easily decide which is better booking through a bot or talking and negotiating with a human representative. After all, humans can commit mistakes and have limitations.

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