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Top Five Favorite Travel Destinations Of Americans That Guarantee Surefire Satisfaction

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: May 01, 2017 10:05 AM EDT

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U.S. travelers contribute plenty to worldwide tourism economies. South America benefits heavily from Americans who travel to its warm destinations under the equator during the U.S. winter season. A travel think-tank, WanderBat, studied the US Department of Commerce's National Travel and Tourism Office data to indicate five American favorite travel destinations this year.

Americans had always loved Asia, particularly Singapore. Eventhough it's not the most affordable destination for Americans, the city gives them enough pleasure and thrill. Singapore's economy depend lightly on tourism. In 2015, 230,000 Americans visited the country, giving an additional 0.7 percent profit from Singapore's tourism alone.

Citing the study results, Lebanon Express said Americans could never leave South America and The Caribbean alone. Over 262,000 Americans traveled to different South American countries in 2015, adding 0.8 percent profit. Besides, the fun roadtrips to South America, which takes hours, gives wanderers an unfogettable experience.

According to Business Insider, If not trending downward, Americans are likely to travel upward. During the summer, Americans who get tired of spending their vacations on their backyards or at typical tourists spots head to Vancouver in British Columbia. Canada's tourist spots, which are coupled with aviaries and relaxing beach side towns, are truly attractive and effective in having Americans gravitate for something different and exciting.

The legendary Euro Trip could never begin and end without having The Netherlands' Amsterdam in the list. In 2016, about 1.4 million Americans traveled to the tourist destination of Earthly delights. Indeed, Amsterdam is exciting given the numerous fun local destinations and activities travelers could enjoy in the country.

The top five destination for Americans also include England's iconic and scenic London. The city is still as impressive as its appearance. One of the most famous tourist attractions for U.S. travelers is The Eye, a giant ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames where you can get an amazig view of the city. Besiders The Eye, tours in free-pass museums always does the trick for American travelers.

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