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SNES Mini In The Works For Nintendo, One of The Biggest Reason Why The NES Classic Edition Was Discontinued

Travelers Today       By    Yosarrian Nino

Updated: Apr 20, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

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Nintendo, SNES Mini, NES Classic Edition

It looks like Nintendo already had a plan in mind when they decided to discontinue the NES Classic Edition, as reports are saying that the SNES Mini is already in development. The company is planning to launch the new classic console in time for the Christmas holidays.

According to a report from Eurogamer, the information came from their sources that are close to the company. The new classic console is also a major reason why Nintendo really didn't intend to continue producing the NES Classic Edition, despite its popularity.

The report said that Nintendo explained last week that they really didn't plan on the NES Mini to be a permanent product, but only as a novelty item. The company didn't expect its popularity to sky high, however, which led to supply shortages and third-party resellers taking advantage with premium prices.

The company couldn't extend the NES Classic Edition's production beyond its intended schedule because Nintendo is already slated to produce the SNES Mini. GameRant reports that this follow-up allows the company to take advantage of the nostalgia that the NES Mini has built.

Limiting the classic consoles to a one-year lifespan is also a crucial plan for Nintendo. This ensures that the NES Mini and SNES Mini don't take the spotlight away from the company's priority, which is the Nintendo Switch.

Though Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement about it, the report said that the reveal could likely come during the E3 in June. This revelation would likely start a debate among people as to which games should be included in the SNES Mini.

Eurogamer, though, hopes that Nintendo has learned its lesson with the NES Mini and come out this time with enough stocks to avoid the same mistake. Fans can expect the SNES Mini console to come out during the Christmas holiday. Check out the video below news on what games should be included in SNES Mini.

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