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From An Underwater Waterfall To The Chamarel Colored Earth, Here Are Some Stunning Must-See Attractions In Mauritius

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 05:49 AM EDT

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Mauritius is synonymous with pristine beaches because you won't need to look afar for white sand coastlines and crystal clear waters. But there are more places to explore in this small island nation because it's overflowing with scenic mountain views, gastronomic experiences, and historical sites.

Underwater Waterfall. A view of Mauritius from the top would give you a chance to witness the island's underwater waterfall. In fact, most tourists are after the view that they avail of helicopter tours to see the gorgeous scene. But according to Earth Porm, it's just an illusion because the sand and silt create a fluctuation of color underneath the water so it looks like it's sucking the whole island.

Chamarel Colored Earth. Other natural phenomena that create fascinating views of nature are the colored sands of Chamarel. According to CNN, the lava slowly turns into clay minerals and when the sun hits the ground, it creates a wide array of colored sands from violet, red, purple, green, blue to yellow.

Photography Museum. This place is located across the Municipal Theatre in Port Louis and it's a hidden gem that most people should really check out. The museum is filled with the life's work of Tristan Bréville, a man who dedicated his life taking pictures and documenting the history of the island.

Le Pouce. This iconic mountain that lies next to the island's capital will give you breathtaking views of Mauritius. It's an hour hike going up to the mountain but it would take you about two to three hours going down.

Grand Bassin. This marvelous creation of nature holds so much history to it. The Grand Bassin was once a volcano that helped formed the island, but when it died out, it was filled up with water and life flourished in it.

Now, if ever you plan on visiting Mauritius, remember to stop by these places. These are beautiful spots that should be included in your itineraries.

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