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Best Places To Visit In Southern Finland

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 05:42 AM EDT

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Southern Finland is a must-visit place with its beautiful sights and attractions found in over 40,000 islands and islets. Whatever season you prefer visiting, the place has just so much to offer. From pristine beaches, vibrant cities to the magnificent northern lights, here are some of the best places to visit in Southern Finland.

Helsinki. For starters, the Finnish capital is usually where your journey begins because it's an easy access point to all the destinations in Southern Finland. But besides that, Helsinki is a tourist destination itself with its Design District, colorful Art Nouveau buildings and the Suomenlinna sea fortress. The city also has a couple of Michelin-starred restaurants so it's also going to be a gastronomic experience here.

Porvoo. Travel back in time in Porvoo and witness old houses and a traditional way of life. Considered as the second oldest town in Finland, visitors would really love the charms of the red ochre sheds and the old cobblestoned roads. According to Discovering Finland, the J.L. Runeberg museum is also a famous attraction since he Finland's national poet.

Turku. Take the back roads with the "King's Road" and drive your way to the countryside. According to Mapping Megan, this old road will lead you to former Finnish capital Turku and will give you a glimpse of history and culture as you pass by old towns, historic mansions, and rural landscapes. Stop by the Aurajoki river or the ancient fortress of Turunlinna.

Rauma. This town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it's pretty obvious why. It's cobblestone streets and well-preserved heritage wooden houses are just hard to come by. Walking down the streets of old Rauma is just like being in a fairytale.

Åland Islands. You can take a ferry boat from Turku or Helsinki if you want to visit Åland Islands. These small islets are scattered all throughout the area and most of them are uninhabited. The best way to appreciate these magnificent islands is via island hopping.

If you're planning to go to Southern Finland, don't forget to consider these places in your itineraries. These places are worth visiting that will make your trips memorable.

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