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America’s Business Travelers Reveal The Hotel Amenities They Want Most

Travelers Today       By    Chiqui Guyjoco

Updated: Apr 10, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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Booking the best hotel your budget can afford makes even downtimes part of a memorable traveling experience. Business travelers, however, spend an inordinate amount of time on the road or in meetings so the few hours spent in their hotel rooms can go a long way.

America's business travelers bring in about $111.7 billion to the tourism industry each year, so it should only follow that the hotel industry pays close attention to their demands. A recent survey commissioned by HotelsCombined has fortunately made it loud and clear, particularly the kind of amenities this class of travelers is looking for in their stay. The results indicated that these guests look forward to squeezing in as much quality time for themselves as they can during their brief stay at the hotel.

A complimentary breakfast at the hotel tops the list for America's business travelers, according to 60 percent of the 500 respondents. At least 46 percent look for a bar/restaurant as part of the hotel amenities while 39 percent want a gym/fitness center. "Food and drink are top priorities for business travelers and this is one of the reasons why hotels are luring high-profile chefs, mixologists and sommeliers to their hotel restaurant/bar," said travel expert Chris Rivett of HotelsCombined.

While many of those traveling for leisure care about the usual hotel amenities, America's business travelers care the least about the nightly turn down service as only 10 percent of them said it's important. They also don't care much about the washing/dry cleaning and concierge as these services scored only 12 percent. Rivett explained that the business travelers might be able to crunch in a quick gym session from their hectic schedule, "but they definitely don't have time to get any washing done."

The recent survey no longer included the free wifi in the list. Internet access already proved most important among America's business travelers as revealed from last year's study from the Global Business Travel Association's (GBTA). America's business travelers used hotel apps for bookings and reservations, checking hotel amenities and mobile check-ins.

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