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'OnePlus 5' vs 'Samsung Galaxy S8' Back To Back Comparison: 'OnePlus 5' One Step Ahead Of 'S8'?

Travelers Today       By    Fernz Lasco

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 04:37 AM EDT

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Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung, OnePlus, OnePlus 5

With the "LG G6" already out in the market, other smartphone-making companies are making moves for their respective releases. Among the highly-anticipated models to release this year is the luxurious "Samsung Galaxy S8" and the "OnePlus 5." The competition is tough with these two versions where both of them boasts amazing specs that can even make other technological giants run for their money.

According to the Science Times, both of the models will sport Qualcomm's all-new Snapdragon 835 processors. "OnePlus 5" slightly pulled ahead of Samsung with 5.5-inch dual-curved edge AMOLED display compared with S8's 5.1-inch curved Super AMOLED display. The resolution display for the "OnePlus 5" is to be revealed earlier and the fans are hoping that it will at least match what Samsung can offer.

Aside from the processors, both the smartphones will have Android 7.0 Nougat as their android operating system. As for the RAM, "OnePlus 5" will sport a whopping 6GB RAM. On the other hand, there are mixed reports regarding "Samsung 8's" RAM where various reports claimed that it will be either 6GB or 8GB. It is also possible that it will be both where different versions will be available for each region.

Internal storage for "Samsung Galaxy S8" will be available on two options namely 64GB and 128 GB models. Meanwhile, "OnePlus 5" will have their internal storage fixed at 64 GB that will be expandable with the use of Micro SD cards.

One of the best feature of the OnePlus device is its iconic dual camera with a 25 MP snapper and a backup 12 MP camera matched with 12 MP front camera as reported by Droid Report. "Galaxy S8," on the other hand, will sport 16 MP main camera with 4k video recording and finish off with a 12 MP front selfie camera with wide-angled lens.

In terms of specs, the two devices are not very far from each other and both of them has their pros and cons. The major difference that will set the two apart will have to be the price where S8 will definitely be more expensive than the other one. Either way, both of the gadgets will have a release date sometime in April this year.

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