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‘Teen Mom’ Fake: Chelsea Houska Said Producers Told Her To Stage A Scene For An Episode

Travelers Today       By    Yosarrian Nino

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

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The stars of "Teen Mom 2" has been complaining that the editors of the show have been manipulating episode footages to create a misleading and false narrative about them. Now Chelsea Houska is saying that producer asked her to stage a scene in a recent episode.

According to a report from The Hollywood Gossip, Houska called her father in the last episode asking information about the child support payments for Adam Lind's child. The father "happily" provided the information that she was asking.

The unusual thing about this scene is that Houska is already 25 years old, which makes it strange that her father has access to her bank accounts. Fans pointed this out to Houska via Twitter, to which she responded.

Houska replied to a fan that posted it's odd for Houska, who is married and already has two kids, to give her father access to her bank account. She said on Twitter that it is "odd" and her father doesn't have access to her accounts.

Houska adds that the child support account is "100% separate" and that it was MTV who asked her to call. She said that they needed her "to call someone to get the info to make it into a scene," which is why she called her father.

The report said that this may seem like a serious allegation, but this is actually what happens in most reality shows and it's not actually manipulating footages to make false impressions. But Houska accused MTV of doing it earlier this week. Houska, in her defense against criticism for her verbal attack against her mother, said that the producers cut out a footage in the episode of "Teen Mom" that would have shown what made her angry.

Though it's hard to accept being portrayed as something you're really not, the report said that the casts make millions and are watched worldwide, so there are compensations for their complaints. Check out more about Houska in "Teen Mom 2" in the video below.

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