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iPad Pro 2017 Specs, Features: Low Cost iPad Pro; 10.5-Inch Model To Be Unveiled On Apple Event

Travelers Today       By    Daisuke Imashi

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

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New iPads are Coming in 2017!
The iPad Pro 2017 will reportedly have a 10.5-inch model and a low-cost 9.7-inch model that will be unveiled on the Apple March event.
(Photo: MacRumors/YouTube Screenshot)

The iPad Pro 2017 will be allegedly launched with a low-cost model and a 10.5-inch model. These upcoming devices are said to be introduced in the upcoming Apple event that several analysts anticipate taking place this March.

There have been heavy speculations about the iPad Pro 2017. The most prevalent at the moment is the 10.5-inch model which many analysts predicted. One of them, Rhoda Alexander, Director, Tablets and PCs, IHS Markit, has revealed to Forbes some vital information. According to her, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro would maintain its current size. In addition, she said that the resolution will increase. From the present display resolution of 2,048 X 1,536 to 2,224 X 1,668 maintaining the same pixels per inch.

Furthermore, the ratio of the screen's weight to its height would most probably change. This was according to president and display expert Raymond Soniera of DisplayMate Technologies. This would enable Apple to maintain the iPad Pro's outside dimension given its smaller bezel.

Aside from the 10.5-inch model expected to be debuted, a low-cost model is also highly anticipated. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro model is estimated to be priced for as low as $299. According to speculations, this model will have an A10x processor and will have an improved efficiency as compared to the previously released 9.7-inch iPad . It will also have a 5MP front camera with Retina flash and 12MP rear camera.

Meanwhile, in the previous week, MacRumors reported that Apple will most probably launch its latest products either on March 20 or on March 24. The same was also said by Japanese blogger Mac Otakara who anticipates that the new iPad Pro models will be unveiled at the said event. Other reports claim an April event, while there were several who suggest that the Cupertino-based tech giant would opt to a press release.


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