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A Perfume Museum Has Opened Inside This 17th Century Renaissance Palace In Spain

Travelers Today       By    Glory Moralidad

Updated: Mar 17, 2017 04:06 AM EDT

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A 17th Century Renaissance Palace in Spain kept a laboratory that creates perfumes, essential oils, ceramics, medicinal plants, spices, teas, infusions and gourmet products among many others. The Patio De Los Perfumes provides visitors a chance to know the history of the perfumery and the rare ingredients used by most perfumers.

Located in Granada, Spain, the perfume museum lets people discover the ancient techniques and manufacturing processes of making perfumes. A 45-minute tour shows ancient perfumery bottles, herbs, and floral used in making scents from historical to modern times.

The guided tour, which happens from 10 AM to 8 PM, also lets visitors experience perfume exhibitions and aromatherapy. There's also backstage access to making organic cosmetics, oils, ceramics, accessories, selections of aromatic and medicinal plants for therapeutic and food usage.

Patio De Los Perfumes also houses the Ambar Patio where travelers can eat and drink tea and natural juices fresh from the establishment's own garden. Choices of organic chocolates, candied oranges, dried fruit cookies and pomegranates are up to chow down at museum's Botanical Garden.

Moreover, the patio offers workshops for those who wanted to create their own signature scent with a professional perfumer for an hour and a half. Aromatherapists will also give a hands-on lecture on aromatherapy or essential oils for an hour using a "synergy of plant and essential oils."

At the end of every tour, guests are taken to museum's shop to those who wanted to buy specialized scents created by perfumers for the perfume museum. Additionally, those who wanted to hold events, parties, or film/photo shoots at the museum may do so at a reasonable price.

Ethnobotanist and perfumer Christian Pamies, and natural cosmetics specialist Valérie Sabini are the people behind the perfume museum. They both hail from the French region of Grasse which is considered as the "perfume capital of the world."

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