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Boolsa: The Most Hi-Tech Travel BackPack Ever

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Mar 17, 2017 04:48 AM EDT

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boolsa travel backpack, hi tech travel backpack

With the rapid advancement of today's technology, it seems nothing is impossible anymore. On Kickstarter, you'll see all kinds of innovative gadgets up for pledging campaigns, and one of them is a travel backpack that will render any other kinds of backpack inferior.

Boolsa is the newest gadget to enter a Kickstarter campaign. The relevance of a smart backpack is actually quite plausible in the demands of the market nowadays. How often do we scour the shops for a backpack that has everything we need?

But Boolsa is more than a bag to keep all your essentials inside. It's designed to be snatch-proof and can only be controlled by your smartphone. Bringing an expensive laptop and a high-end phone in your travels? No problem! Boolsa will make sure nobody tries to steal your stuff, and even if such an event happens, the thief wouldn't be able to access the bag's features, and you can instantly trace your bag's location through your smartphone.

This is because of Boolsa's fully automated security technology, as well as location tracking and a secure e-mail binding feature. Make sure to register your Boolsa backpack using your personal email address and password, so only you can access the bag's features. A notification will also pop up in your phone in the event that an unauthorized user attempts to open the bag.

Other features of Boolsa include a corner guard protection system that will ensure the safety of your electronics during impacts and drops; a checkpoint friendly design that will ease the process of checking in at airports; a number of highly organized storage compartments; hidden pockets for small essentials; a stylish and ergonomic design; and a detachable grip bag. Boolsa is also made out of Cordura fabric, so that your belongings will not be prone to abrasions.

Currently, Boolsa is still seeking funding through Kickstarter. If you're interested in backing this project, make sure to visit its campaign to help make this awesome invention a reality.

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