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Single Bag Traveling Challenge: Tips To Travel The World Only With A Carry-On

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 15, 2017 04:11 AM EST

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Imagine not having to deal with expensive luggage fees by bringing only a small carry-on bag that has everything. But this is an ideal setup -- carrying a long-term traveling bag in the form of a carry-on is truly impossible. These five ideas could just help travelers use a carry-on bag especially when going on long-term vacations.

Finding the best carry-on bag is important. One example is Standard Luggage Co's Carry-On Backpack. The pack, which doubles as an enlarged duffle bag or has hidden backpack straps to make an enlarged backpack, is a no-wheel carry-on bag with dimensions legally enough for most budget airlines for carry-ons. It may suit travelers who intend only to carry a single bag during their journeys.

According to Departful Travel Blog Writer Lauren Barth, paring down things one needs to bring is a crucial step to guarantee a single-bag journey. She said to "start with the things you can live without" by putting inside the bag things that can "negatively impact" your travel. These includes clothes, IDs, travel documents etc.

For both men and women, dressing up with their bulkiest attires can help them carry only a single bag. Forbes advises it would be best to carry clothes that could complement each other in multiple types of climates especially if travelers are journeying to multiple destinations.

Barth advises that how one packs is "as important as what one packs." It is essential to roll clothes instead of folding them to minimize space consumption -- especially for jeans and shirts. Rolling helps remove the bulkiness of one's bag and ensure a balanced space inside the carry-on bag.

Both Forbes and Lauren Barth from Departful advise it is useless to bring toiletries as travelers could buy them quickly in-location upon landing. Unless travelers have special toiletries due to their allergies or disorders, toiletries brought from home is unnecessary and is only added weight to your already-cramped single-bag traveling gear.

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