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Sink Your Teeth Into These Five Delectable Filipino Desserts

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 28, 2017 03:32 AM EST

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Trying out different international cuisines can be so fulfilling. Mexican, Spanish, Italian-these are some of the international cuisines people all over the world are fond of, but have you tried Filipino cuisine?

Currently climbing up the gastronomical ladder, Filipino food is something you should definitely try eating even once in your life. But out of thousands of exquisite Filipino dishes, it's hard to narrow down which ones are the best. So let's focus on desserts.

Filipino dessert dishes perfectly represent the Filipino culture-with just the right amount of sweetness, exciting overlapping flavors, and colorful ingredients.  Here are some of them. 

Turon. This one's made of sliced saba bananas and shredded jackfruit wrapped in a brown-sugar filled spring roll wrapper. It's then fried at high heat and put into sticks. It's a favorite Filipino afternoon snack and if you want to level up the taste, you can put in a scoop of ice cream on top.

Suman. Sticky rice can be used as a dessert, especially in the Philippines. This is sticky rice cooked in coconut milk which is then wrapped in a buri palm before steaming. It's best eaten when hot, and after unwrapping the sticky rice from the buri leaf, dredge it in brown sugar for a more wonderful taste.

Ube Halaya. Ube is a purple-colored sweet yam quite similar to taro. In this dish, ube is grated then mixed with sugar and milk and left to cook until it turns into a rich pudding. Its serving depends on the cook. Sometimes, it's best eaten with a spoon, while it can also be molded in bit-sized squares with shredded cheese on top.

Halo-Halo. Maybe the most famous Filipino dessert, Halo-halo is quite similar to shaved ice in the west. In the Filipino version, a glass is filled with shaved ice, a variety of sweet toppings like macapuno, ube, boiled beans, jackfruit, jello, and then on top a generous scoop of ube or vanilla ice cream is placed, along with a drizzle of evaporated milk.

Cassava Cake. Cassava is a staple in Filipino desserts, and in this dish, shredded cassava is cooked with coconut milk and macapuno. It is then baked and cut into squares and usually sold in the streets. Another favorite Filipino afternoon snack, It's usually topped with melted sugar and cheese.

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