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Castelo Di Potentino: Why Everyone Should Visit This 11th Century Old Hotel

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Feb 14, 2017 04:47 AM EST

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Castelo Di Potentino, 11th-century old Tuscan castle, Why visit Castelo Di Potetino

Vacationing in a luxurious hotel is a nice experience but it's nothing compared to spending a night in an 11th-century Tuscan castle. The Castelo Di Potentino is a must visit for travelers wanting to experience history, culture and luxury at the same time

Castelo Di Potentino is a historical castle that lies in Monte Amiata in one of the hidden valleys of Tuscany. According to Potentino, the ancient edifice us surrounded by a nice countryside scenery with olive trees used for producing high-quality oil. It was restored to its former glory by its new owners, the Greene Family, who bought the estate in 2000. Now, the castle is a travel destination that holds events and caters to seasonal guests all throughout the year.

According to The Daily Mail, the 11th century old hotel has one of the best wines and wine experts there is. A world-class top chef is also ready to satisfy every person's taste buds. Not to mention a relaxing pool outside in the castle vineyards.

The castle hotel does not outsource its wines but it produces its own in its 10-acre lot. Red wine, white wine and rose wine are being produced by an Englishwoman who has been in the field of winemaking for twenty years.

When it comes to leisure activities, guests would be entertained by the local acapella men's choir. Roberto Rossi, a Michelin-starred chef is also ready to showcase his top-notch skills for guests. But the main attraction is the castle itself with its intricate interior designs and medieval style. Every room has its own unique identity like the 'green room' with a spooky yet romantic ambiance.

For travelers who want to experience royal treatment, then this 11th-century old castle is the perfect destination. Castelo di Potentino is the best definition of royalty and luxury. 

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