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Airbnb Set To Become The Best Accommodations Service For 2017

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 14, 2017 04:26 AM EST

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The trend for best accommodations for 2017 would seem to be not to own a chain of properties, but to own several thousand of them worldwide. Airbnb -- without having to own a single property -- had accomplished this by making a platform for private property owners to share their properties to both luxury and backpacking travelers. The trend of property sharing has yet to disappear, making Airbnb likely to dominate the accommodations industry in 2017.

According to Fast Company, Airbnb is the world's most innovative accommodations company despite starting only as a listing platform for private company owners focused on renting out their properties for travelers and now is focusing on "handling users' entire travel experience." Fast Company speculates its deal with another app called "Resy" -- the latter focusing on restaurant reservations -- could mean handling entire itineraries for travelers in the near future. cites data from industry thinktank Tambourine and CBRE that indicate Airbnb has dominated against "traditional hotel stays" in luxury hotels or hostels. CBRE Senior Economist Jamie Lane even indicated that the "switch of travelers for an Airbnb stay" had "the US lose more than 0.9%" in terms of travel profit.

The news website said Airbnb's short-term property rental domination would continue based on their figures. The number of Airbnb users, increasing from 17m to 40m in 2015-2016, is an indicator of steady and skyrocketing growth for 2017. Following its profit victories during the Super Bowl of 2017, Airbnb is likely to include and feature luxury properties in its listing. The feature of Lady Gaga's $20 million Super Bowl short-term estate had made Airbnb into a brand that caters to an upscale tier.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, Airbnb is potentially tying up deals with Luxury Retreats -- the latter owning more than 4,000 rental properties worldwide from well-provided mountain log cabins to luxurious castles and mansions -- an immense rival who may have interest in sharing mutual profits. The travel news and tips website said the deal has the potential to give Airbnb better chances to include more Canadian luxury properties given Luxury Retreats is a Canadian brand.

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