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Why People In Their Twenties Should Travel

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Feb 08, 2017 03:02 AM EST

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The age of twenties is the phase a person's life when one is already beginning to think about making big plans for the future - from looking for a job, having a savings plan, getting higher degree of education such as master's and doctorate, starting families, and so on. Some may say that travelling during this age is a no-no since people in their twenties still do not have a stable income and savings to spend for a vacation.

But in contrary, travelling while you are at your twenties has many advantages that are actually life changing, World of Wanderlust says. If you still question yourself to whether or not you "must" do it, you have to remind yourself of the probable reasons why people in their twenties should travel while, well, they are still in their twenties.

They still have no responsibility. If you are still not married and not yet planning to enter into a serious relationship leading to marriage, then travelling while you are still in your twenties is definitely the best thing to consider. You will get to discover yourself more without thinking about your husband or your kids or your bills at home. Also, you can your travel cheaper as you can since it is only yourself whom you need to feed and finance during your trip, Matador Network says.

You have the ultimate liberty to explore places where you will get to discover yourself and the person who you really want to be. In reality, life does not end after graduation. Hence, it is just the beginning of everything that you have to face. Therefore, travelling while you are in your twenties will introduce you to the real world that is outside the corners of your campus (and your bedroom).

You will also meet different types of people who are of diverse personalities. Travelling will help you build your connections and lead you to the next step that you might want to take after years of studying. It will actually change, in a good way, your point of view in life because you will be introduced to different cultures, traditions, and environment.

Yes, it may be difficult at times because you still have no stable income or budget to spend for you travel. But this life changing move that you will make during your twenties will all be worth it throughout your journey to this thing called "life".

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