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Britain's 5-Star Hotel Found To Be The Dirtiest In Terms Of Bacteria Levels

Travelers Today       By    Jacq Evans

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 06:41 AM EST

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A study was conducted testing hygiene standards of the hotel across the UK. The result surprised everyone as it revealed that a five-star accommodation bedroom gets the most bacteria levels.

The confounding research by Leeds Beckett University was formed for an episode of BBC One show Rip Off Britain: Holidays reported on Monday morning. Areas investigated are the ones that are most likely to come into contact with guests. The team tried swabbing light switches, bathroom door handles, a glass, the remote control, the desk and the bedspread from rooms in five different hotels in every star rating category.

These swabs were tested in a laboratory by medical microbiologist Dr. Margarita Gomez-Escalada. This is to see the level of bacteria that grew under strict conditions. The result would be an indicator of the cleanliness of the broader area. The greater the bacteria level the higher the chance that the room had not been recently cleaned, says, Daily Mail.

The worst delinquent in the study was a luxury hotel room where three out of the six areas tested had a substantial amount of bacteria on them they could not even be counted in a laboratory. The bacteria levels on the blanket bed cover were described as off the scale, which means the germ count is immeasurable, reported Today.

Other bacteria hotspots were the bathroom door handle, the main light switch, and the remote control. Four-star hotels were found to have some bacteria levels potentially dangerous. Excluding the bathroom door knobs, there were great levels of bacteria in all the other areas of the room. It was the glass found in the bathroom that went off the scale for the bacteria count. Express reported that Dr. Escalada notes on the glass because potentially guests might be ingesting the bacteria and that could make them sick.

The three-star hotel had surprisingly high levels of bacteria in several areas, particularly in the main light switch. The budget and two-star hotels performed better, with the two-star emerging winner as the cleanest room. There were no bacteria found on the door knobs as well as on the light switch, and the other items recorded low bacteria levels.

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