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The Best Destinations To Visit If You're On A Budget

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 04:12 AM EST

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Traveling is such a memorable and enriching recreation you must at least experience once in your life. Discovering new places, eating delicious food, meeting new people, immersing in a different culture-should I go on?

Unfortunately, many people think that to travel means to spend a lot. That's why even though they're itching to go out of their home country and explore, they put it off in fear of spending too much.

Don't worry, here's the list of the top places you should visit this year if you're on a budget or funds are pretty tight, but still want to have the time of your lives:

Not all can have the luxury of spending the weekend at the Maldives, but in Honduras you'll find that their beaches can make you feel like you're in Maldives yourself. Explore the coast and beautiful white-sand beaches in Honduras and eat and drink to your heart's desire-all for just $30 a day! Not bad, right? Accommodations are also pretty cheap too, so if you're looking for a quick holiday destination in Central America then look no further.

Thailand is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia, the affordability doesn't deserve the beauty of the country itself. Indulge in authentic Thai cuisine for just $21 for a full day's meal, and stay at their beautiful hotels without spending over a hundred bucks a night. In Bangkok, explore the locals' way of life by just walking around the city, and if you want to go on a tour then you can haggle the prices at some local tourist agencies. Who says you need your credit card for the trip of a lifetime?

If you're craving for a bohemian style travel then pack your bags and explore Argentina, the 8th largest country in the world. Argentinians know how to party, so if you cancel out going to exclusive clubs, then you can still dance, eat and party the night away by just spending over 50 bucks! If you're looking for a beautiful view, then head on to Tierra del Fuego, the most southern city in the world. It's famous for being the departure point for Antarctic trips, and you can enjoy it all without breaking the bank. To get there much cheaper, just ride the bus instead of hopping on a plane-but beware, the ride will take up to 24-36 hours.

European travel doesn't have to be expensive. Just go to Hungary and you'll see what I'm talking about. Their city, Budapest, is a tourist attraction by itself, thanks to its beautiful buildings and delicious food. For $20 a night you can sleep in gorgeous hotels, spend another 30 bucks for food for the whole day, and you got the recipe for contentment. Also check out Lake Balaton in Transdanubia, the largest lake in central Europe. If you want to get drunk on delicious European wine, then make sure to stop over at the vineyards nearby Badacsony Hill. In there you can enjoy a glass of wine while gazing at a magnificent view, just for 5 dollars.

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