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Let Google Flights Do Its Tricks For You Like A Travel Agent Or Even Better

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Updated: Jan 05, 2017 05:56 AM EST

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If you are a frequent traveler, there is a better chance that you are familiar with the Google Flights application. It's a travel search engine that does everything like most travel agents do. And the best thing is, it's cheaper!

Google Flights alerts you when prices are about to skyrocket. Therefore, giving you enough time to book before the prices increase. Make sure you pay attention to it. You will get pop-up notifications on your phone for specific flights when the prices are most likely to spike. However, this feature is not available on some routes.

Let Google Flights help plan your dream trip with its "I'm feeling lucky" feature. Just click on the map, select the departure spot and let it choose the best destination for you based on popular search history. It will also provide you with a graph to let you know the cheapest price available.

In times when you are undecided on where to go but wanted to travel, just search "flight to the US" and click the flight's tab. The entire US map will be given to you together with the prices. It will allow you to compare prices to fly from various states to another. And you have the option to filter the airline of your choice and the flight duration as well. It all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to pay.

If you are already decided on where to go, just hit the "save this itinerary" button and leave the price monitoring to Google Now app. You also have the option to get notified via email when the price drops significantly.

How about a tip on similar yet less expensive flight option? Google Flights does this for you too! It will tell you how much savings you can get when you fly from another airport or take an earlier or later flight. You can decide after weighing the pros and cons.

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