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What Are World’s Most Powerful Passports? Here Are The Updated Rankings For 2016

Travelers Today       By    Nicole Ynayan

Updated: Dec 01, 2016 01:59 AM EST

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British Passport
Despite being in the number one slot for most powerful passports in 2015, this year sees the UK passport slip down to second place. It now shares common ground with countries such as Spain, France, and Italy.
(Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

Passports are travelers' keys into various tourist destinations in foreign countries. These are somewhat like privileges that come with being born as citizens of distinct countries. However, some passport holders are more privileged than others. As of 2016, here are the five most powerful passports in the world.

The term "powerful" refers to the amount of travel freedom a passport gives to the bearer. These world passport rankings are based on the number of countries one may enter without the need for a foreign visa.

Making their marks as being the fifth most powerful passports in 2016, three countries offer their bearers with free access into 153 different countries. The countries of Greece, Ireland, and Japan are free to enter their own worry-free share of visa-free travel destinations.

In a comprehensive world passport ranking made by Atlas and Boots, it was stated that five countries have tied for fourth place. The countries of Singapore, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal and USA all bless their bearers with free entry into 154 different countries and sovereign states.

In third place with 155 visa-free countries are the passport holders of Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea and Norway. While most of these countries offer visa-free travels, some destinations may provide these passport holders with visas upon arrival valid for a certain period of time.

Six countries take the second place passport ranking slot on the list of most powerful passports in the world by offering their passport holders with access to 156 different foreign countries. Finland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, and The United Kingdom are some of the most convenient passports to have.

Finally, the title of most powerful passport 2016 goes to the countries of Germany and Sweden. These top-ranked countries offer passport holders with access to 157 different destinations. These all-access passes cover destinations in all five continents, thus making German and Swedish travelers the luckiest in the entire world as of 2016.

As stated by We Forum, the 2016 rankings vary from last year's statistics with the United States and the United Kingdom slipping out of first place and into second and fourth place respectively. The website also states that this year's least powerful passport belongs to citizens of Afghanistan, with access to only 24 countries.

In related news, the same website has stated that paper passports may soon become a thing of the past. With the rise of modern technology, digital passports and the use of smartphones may well become the future of world travel.

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