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Travel Tips: The Best New Beach Resorts To Visit In 2017

Travelers Today       By    Nicole Ynayan

Updated: Nov 28, 2016 05:26 AM EST

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Beautiful Beach in Hawaii
Boasting gorgeous powder-like sand and crystal clear waters, beaches in Hawaii attract a multitude of visitors each year. Destinations such as Honolulu and Kalua are often most preferred by beach-goers.
(Photo: The Richest / YouTube)

A new year always means new opportunities. For the avid traveler, a new year also means new travel destinations and holiday plans. This 2017, these newly opened and newly renovated beach resorts are sure to be at the top of every beach bum's list.

With millennials leading the pack in terms of planning trips and holidays, it's easy to see why luxury is the central theme for new resorts around the world. Beach resorts in particular are putting extra emphasis on uniqueness, grandeur, and exclusivity.

New private island resorts continue popping up and are expected to be tourism highlights this coming 2017. The exclusive luxury feel of these posh resorts are bound to attract extra attention in the New Year.

According to Oyster, the private Dover Beach resort of Sandals Barbados is expected to do extremely well in 2017 due to its unique river-style pool. In addition, the resort boasts several amenities such as 11 unique restaurants, recreational activities, and an exclusive white-sand lounging beach.

The newly renovated Sanctuary Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic is another resort powerhouse to look out for. The adult-only luxury resort features a romantic Spanish castle town ambiance which is guaranteed to make it a top-pick for honeymooners and jet setting couples.

In addition, the luxury resort is located away from major resort areas, giving it an extra intimacy boost. Since its renovation in 2014, the resort now offers three individually-themed sections, decorated pools and gourmet restaurants.

Named as one of the most beautiful beaches of 2016, resorts in Kuai beach are expected to attract more travelers in the new year. With its rich orange sand, crystal clear blue-green waters, and breath-taking sunset views, it stands to be one of this year's top beach destinations.

As stated by Worlds Top Most, Kuai is catering more to explorers and thrill-seekers. With adventure spots such as the Kalalau Trail and Wimea Canyon, this incredible beach resort is destined to be a 2017 favorite. Furthermore, it's considered to be a great budget option, which only adds to its appeal.

Most of these beach destinations are offering premium rates and discounts during these shoppers' holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be sure to grab these incredible travel package deals so that you can enjoy full luxury at a fraction of the cost.

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