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'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' Reboot Review And Updates: Six Terrible Hours Of Television? What Went Wrong?

Travelers Today       By    Gigi Arellano

Updated: Nov 30, 2016 07:06 AM EST

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Premiere Of Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' - Arrivals
Here are some of the locations shot from "Gilmore Girls." Fans can experience these awesome places first hand and learn more about how they look and feel like in real life.
(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

Many have been anticipating the reboot of Gilmore Girls since Netflix released the four new 90-minute episodes and mixed feelings were heard from fans. The new episodes were a joy to watch and be reunited with the characters and fans of the show, but not everyone rejoiced about the remake while some are even shaking their heads.

According to The Verge, the creators failed to capitalize on the aspects of the show that the fans loved and replaced it with mediocre attempts. "Gilmore Girls" is originally a sappy drama about a mother-daughter friendship during the so-called Bush-Two era. The characters are known to deliver rapid-fire dialogue and an uncontested knowledge of pop-culture.

One of the major let down for the show's fans is the lack of character development like Rory. For a show that deals with female ambition as one of its defining moments, the writers may have overlooked that Rory at 32 is still acting like the Rory at 22. Her character seems to embody what happens when children grow up believing that they are special and it promotes a bit of an entitlement to them.

In addition, the character of Jess was felt minimally in the show. A New York Times review noted that it was nice to see how his character changed overtime and that he actually showed a hint of growing out of his "jerk-exterior" and be more mature. The review also noted that he was one of the only characters to have changed at all, physically and emotionally.

As The Verge further reports, Netflix is known to give the creators much freedom when it comes to their series, which is why some parts of the script now comes off as a bit misogynistic and harsh in dealing with the issue of sex. This, again misses that defining themes of class and generational divides that have been the remarkable moments of the original series.

All four episodes are done and as any series that gone through a reboot like this exemplify, not everything would be as it is and people may not be happy with all the new episodes have. However, still, it was nice to see familiar characters and go back to the snow-globe town of Stars Hollow again.

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