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iPad Mini 5 News And Update: Apple Revamps iPad Mini Series? New Mini Pro Device Ready By Early 2017?

Travelers Today       By    JDyan Ordonez

Updated: Nov 30, 2016 06:06 AM EST

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One month to go and Year 2016 is over. Even though the new iPad Mini model launch has not taken shape for this year, Apple fans should not be frustrated over this as the next rendition of their iPad Mini line is set to make its debut at Apple's upcoming March 2017 event. Not only will the next iPad Mini will undergo various features enhancements, specs upgrades and changes; but it will also be rebranding its name.

According to GameNGuide, reports suggests that iPad Mini 5 will soon be launched as iPad Mini Pro for the reason that the Cupertino-based company wanted to continue their Pro line of devices. Apple Inc. wanted to concentrate on the Pro family for the coming year. As part of the product overhaul, the latest iPad Mini series will be revamped into a new iPad Pro Mini variants as a 7.9-inch-entry-level tablet and most probably will look like its predecessor.

In addition to that, it is also conveyed that the iPad Mini Pro will sport an A9 chipset processor and 3GB RAM. Moreover, it will come along with a more durable finish of its Retina display and will be slimmer at five millimeters thick. The features of the upcoming iPad Mini 5 will have an integrated 3D Touch feature plus specifications like that of an iPhone 7. With the latest features and top-of-the-line processor as enhancements, it is deemed to provide a more powerful performance than iPad Mini 4.

According to University Herald, it was stated that the next iPad Mini will be made available in three storage units: a 32GB storage variant, plus units with larger storage capacity such as the 64GB and 128GB variants. The release date for the iPad Pro Mini line has been speculated to be launched during the upcoming Apple's keynote event this March 2017, purportedly to be having a fair share of launching fame with the new iPad Pro in 2017, as reported.

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