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Mumbai Reigns As One Of Most Trending Destinations Of 2017

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Nov 28, 2016 03:45 AM EST

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Mumbai, the financial capital of India (also called the City of Dreams), will probably expect an increase in both domestic and international tourist visits this 2017. This is in response of the recently concluded survey done by, the leading website for hotel and accommodations booking online.

The researchers in examined the top 300 destinations based on growth in search and bookings to find the most promising places to set foot in 2017. When factored in wider trends, Mumbai has recorded increased volume of tourists and higher than average growth in bookings, moving ten spots up among the most searched destinations for travel relative to last year.

Besides Mumbai, other places positioned among the world's top trending destinations for 2017 include Reykjavik in Iceland, Cairns in Australia, Savannah in the United States, Puerto Rico, Kyoto in Japan and Jericoacoara in Brazil.

Travel Predictions for 2017

By utilizing the abundance of information, tourist endorsement and reviews, preferences and insights as well as the inspiration by industry leading understanding and innovation in e-commerce travel technology, the data researchers in has compiled some major travel predictions to look out for, as well as what holiday and business tourists can expect to experience in the upcoming year.

Increase in travel convenience. Because of the advancement in our technology today, more and more travelers are opting to book their travel itineraries with just a few taps on their phone. Over half of the travelers (52%) these days expect their use of travel apps to increase this 2017, because of the accessibility of all wanted information related to their travel such as finding the nearest ATM, looking for the top-rated restaurants nearby and searching for available Wi-Fi. With this, past travel inconveniences will slowly eradicate and hopefully will dissipate in the upcoming year.

There will be a rise on the so-called Bleisure Bloom. Business travel with leisure is one of the trending activities now. Workplace travel opportunities have never seen an increase in growth until now, and of global travelers (40%) who went and journeyed for business this year, 46% think they will travel more business in the upcoming year. No longer observed as a waste of time, business travel is progressively refreshing as a chance to grow skylines, discover motivation and career advancements.

There will be a greater hunger for adventure. More and more travelers are getting to eager to explore new experiences and places this 2017. 45% plan to be gutsier in their destination choices, while 47% might want to explore corners of the globe that none of their companions have been to. Every day we're seeing evidence in the increase in appetite to embrace new culture and experiences.

56% of travelers wish to do more independent backpacking in 2017. People from Brazil, India and the States are among those particularly prevalent in this trend.

"Experiencing the unknown, encountering different people and cultures, and testing new limits has always been at the core of what drives us to travel and 2017 is certainly shaping up to be an exciting year," said Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at

"2017 travellers will have an insatiable appetite for adventure, but are also mindful of the impact those experiences can have on the local culture and issues surrounding sustainability," he added. "While we crave highly personalised human interaction and familiar comforts, we're also expecting emerging technologies to enhance our experiences and get us closer to the things we care about faster and more intelligently."

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