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Airlines Ban Explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 After Phone Overheats And Starts Smoking Onboard

Travelers Today       By    Patricia Sim

Updated: Oct 17, 2016 03:06 PM EDT

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Following a global recall of its devices last month, caused by faulty batteries, overheating, and combustion, Samsung Electronics is in more hot water again, with airline companies banning the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone aboard their aircrafts.

Initially Qantas Airlines allowed the Galaxy Note 7 onboard, according to Traveller AU, for so long as the unit was switched off. However, following the reporting of more incidents, and Samsung themselves suspending the production of the Note 7, a total ban has been enforced by the airline company. This ban, probably sparked by an incident where a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aboard a US Plane allegedly overheated and started smoking.

The total ban means that the device is absolutely forbidden onboard the aircraft, including both carry-on baggage and check-in luggage. Other Samsung products are still allowed, but travelers are advised to follow proper safety procedures announced by the cabin crew before take off.

Here is a list of countries and airlines from The Guardian that have enforced a total or partial ban on the Galaxy Note 7 aboard their aircrafts:

1. US Federal Aviation Authority - Virgin, and others
2. Japan Transport Ministry - Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines
3. South Korea - Asiana, Korean Air
4. China - Cathay Pacific, and almost all others
5. Hong Kong - Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express
6. Taiwan - China Airlines, EVA Air
7. Singapore - Singapore Airlines
8. Malaysia - AirAsia, JetStar
9. Germany - Air Berlin, Lufthansa
10. Italy - Alitalia
11. UK - British Airways (on flights to US, Canada, and Hong Kong)
12. Australia and New Zealand - most airlines

Aside from commercial flights, the UN Aviation Agency earlier this year prohibited cargo shipments of lithium-ion batteries on passenger aircraft, following an incident with Boeing where 787 Dreamliners built-in lithium-ion batteries catching fire, causing a design overhaul for the aircraft giant.

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