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Lost Dinosaur Promotes Audi's Self-Automated Car: Watch The Video!

Travelers Today       By    Anne Khristine Coleman

Updated: Sep 20, 2016 07:50 AM EDT

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T rex, audi, Sehsucht, Michael Finke
‘The Comeback’ - Audi celebrates the return of the T-Rex
In Audi’s new video, the T-Rex talks openly for the first time about going from the most feared animal on the planet to the humiliation of becoming the joke of internet has changed its life. After several sad sequences showing his unremitting decline due to having short arms, see how Audi piloted driving revives his lust for life and how the T-Rex celebrates his comeback.
(Photo: Cameron Collie/YouTubeScreenshot/

This driverless technology wittingly used humor and a popular internet meme to exhibit the amazing treat produced by Audi, as reported by AD News.

In the video, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most iconic creature ever to have been claimed to live on earth, walks among the humans who are either too afraid to be near him or is now the laughing stock of many.

During T-Rex's glory days, he was respected and feared, chilling smaller dinosaurs to their bones when he growls was considered the "king of the world".

Then one day, a video was uploaded that changed his whole life. T-Rex was mocked for his short arms and eventually became a prominent character on memes. His tough exterior was no use to deflect the pain and shame he's feeling. Losing his drive and thirst for life, various activities were done so he could divert his attention. But still, all he wanted to do was lay himself to sleep. Wondering what to do with his life, he came across a pilotless car and voila! it was an Audi.

Due to his utter humiliation and constantly being ridiculed, the T-Rex became depressed. But with the help of the Audi, his shortcoming felt like it never existed. The driverless car allowed T-Rex to make a comeback and feel whole again.

Michael Finke, Head of the International Creative Department of Audi AG said, "In presenting our activities in the area of piloted driving, we have previously always placed the primary focus on technology and performance. We are now addressing the subject from a completely different emotional side. With the T-Rex meme, Razorfish has found the perfect angle for this." as reported by the site B&T.

Sehsucht, a German animation studio, stunningly brought to life T-Rex and let it appear devastated. He shared, "The biggest challenge was to make the dinosaur look depressed. A T-Rex is a rather stiff character and there is not a lot of variety on expression and gestures the animators could use in order to bring out the sadness. The interview scene in particular was not easy. There is a very thin line between making it look natural rather than awkward," Creativity reports.

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