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Where to Go for the Best-Tasting Vegetarian Burgers

Travelers Today       By    Shari Ann Solano

Updated: Nov 17, 2015 10:13 AM EST

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vegetarian burger, best tasting vegetarian burger

Where to locate the best burgers are one such hot-catch issue and not simply of the meaty variety, each diner these days touts plant-based choices, and huge name toques rudder a portion of the city's best vegan eateries. Extend your burger horizons and try these veggie burgers out.

Quinoa-veggie burger at Bareburger

Bareburger is located in New York. In the middle of wild-diversion alternatives like buffalo, elk and hog, the natural burger chain proposes an assortment of non-meat burgers like dark bean, sweet potato and wild rice and a pleasantly texture farmers' quinoa patty. Create your burger with an option of cheddar (Gouda, Manchego), spreads (stone mustard, habanero mayo) bun (brioche, sprout) and significantly more veggies, from salted jalapeños to hefty onions.

Soy bacon cheeseburger at Blossom

New Yorkers love this veggie burger that offers delicious twist. You can't blame even veggie lovers needing to get in on the crispy and salty action because the power of bacon is a transcending one. Catch a soy patty toppling with caramelized onions, vegan mozzarella, meat-free bacon, mushrooms and chipotle aioli on a semolina bun at the vegan Chelsea café.


Byron in London merits a remarkable honor for its treatment of the veggie burger. It doesn't diminish it to the main vegan choice, but instead provides Veggies with an option, something you might not be used to at a burger chain. So revel in the indecisiveness when faced with two very interesting options: the bean patty with Byron sauce or the grilled Portobello, mushroom, and goat-cheeseburger.

Tommi's Burgers

Get away with London's chill and wrap up in this little and comfortable burger restaurant, where a heavenly veggie burger awaits you. This spot is committed to the most real to life burger experience possible. The veggie burger is one of only four choices. This burger is a blend of different vegetables packed together in a patty-like creation that disintegrates separated as you nibble into it, uncovering ingredients such as corn.

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