21c Museum Hotel In Nashville Lets Guests Spend A Night With Works of Famous Artists

Jun 09, 2017 10:30 AM EDT

When walking into the 21c Museum Hotel, travelers are greeted by an untraditional attendant: a brilliant blue penguin, looking into the vestibule through a glass divider from the hall. This is not common because this is an artistic work done by famous artists, and the 21c Museum Hotel in Nashville lets their guests be greeted by the artwork.

According to Artsy, the four-foot blue penguin sculpture has been made by European artist collective Cracking Art Group. The welcoming sculpture makes the 21c Museum Hotel appear more like a home experience for travelers rather than a hotel experience. There are many penguin sculptures in the hotel which are moved periodically.

Not only is the penguin the part of artistic features of the 21c Museum Hotel, there are many others. There are massive walls in the lobby with projected videos streaming in them which show the what is happening on the other side of the wall. This literally dissolves the boundaries within the 21c Museum Hotel. The installation was done by renowned artist Serkan Ozkaya.

21c Museum Hotel conducts various kinds of exhibitions all-round the year. The art highlighted in the hotel is fundamentally drawn from the accumulation of 21c authors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, with advances from artists and a few social foundations also.

Thevidea of a hotel museum is a novel twist. 21c Museum Hotel located in the Nashville attracts tourists from all around the world with a love of art. The local artists and the members of the hotel community let the guests realize that there needs to be more institutional support for arts in this age.

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